Hi! I’m Annie Howell, a 19 year old student from Dorset, but I now live in Leicester to get my degree. I study Media Production at Demontfort University, and one of my modules within my second year (which I am currently working through) is Social Media. This blog will be based on all of my social media work where I will be assessed. So, why media? Since I was very young I have always excelled within my Media subjects more so than others, and have always thoroughly enjoyed all subjects within, which has ended me up in the position I am in now! I have always loved the practical side of media where I can create my own productions, my favourite’s being photography and video work. To get an idea of my passions, here is a short video I created a few years ago!

As well as studying media, I love to Ski, a sport I am rarely able to do due to location, but will always be a passion of mine that I will continue to do throughout my life! I also play a lot of Badminton, by being put into the DMU Badminton team, I spend a lot of my time training and being part of the committee, helping to organise all year round events and to make sure the society is always running as it should be! So that is basically me in a nutshell, I hope you enjoy my blog!


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