Design Safari

The task is to go out and take photographs of ads and signs etc that illustrate one of the 10 concepts; colour, typography, metaphors/symbols, minimalism and use of space, form, balance, rhythm, proportion, dominance and unity. To begin with I made time to look through each element within the assignment document to gain more knowledge and understanding of them. This really helped as it gave me some ideas of what to look out for when I carry out the design safari. After taking some time to look through the different images other students had taken, I felt ready to try it out for myself. I decided to take photographs around campus as this was a location close to wear I live and work with a vast amount of posters and advertisements dotted around buildings. I thought this assignment was going to be quite hard as the elements are very specific but I found myself coming across designs quite easily, although I only managed to get 3 in the time of space I went out to look for subjects to take photographs of. DS106 ask us to complete 4, so I will try and go back out and find another if I manage to do so. The first photograph I found was of the element of colour. It was a sign for FOTAC, a department within the university.


The design of this is heavily based on colour and relies on this element to make it stand out to those around it. The use of this element is very effective as it has caught my eye several times when I have walked past it, but a major fault in the design in my opinion is the light colour of yellow that the letter ‘O’ is in. It is very faint and slightly ruins part of the design. Next, I found a sign relating to the element of typography. 


As you can see, the design of this poster is solidly based on text. The bold block capitals sends out a strong yet simple message that certainly does the trick. This suits the style of the purpose of the poster as it advertises locking up bikes to prevent crime, so the block capitals highlights that this is a serious warning that needs to be paid attention to. This shows that the design of the poster is based on the concept of typography. Lastly, I found a design that relates to the element of minmalism.


Within the design of this poster which is advertising the national student survey for De Montfort University, they use huge speech bubbles taking up the majority of the space and then the text is placed in the far top corner far away from the main images used within the poster. The way the text has been pushed into this small amount of space shows this element of minimalism and use of space. I believe they would do this so that the colours of the speech bubbles would attract viewers attention and then make them look for what the poster is advertising, drawing their attention to the text. I think it is a very effective design and does it’s job well and uses this concept of minimalism in the correct way.


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