DS106 Radio

I went onto the Ds106 Radio page where I simply began to just listen to what was being said. I had found myself listening to some sort of story about family holidays. It was a bunch of pre-recorded audio of different people talking about going on a family holiday, most complaining about it. From mums complaining about their children not wanting to spend any quality family time together, to children complaining about parents dragging them away, and then dads complaining about being dragged out by their wife. It was very strange. I did not really understand the point of this part of the show and why I was listening to it. It was not really made clear why this was being broadcasted. I listened to this strange collection of audio recordings for about 10 minutes. But I soon had to turn it off.

1. Because I found the voices a little creepy which made me feel uneasy.

2. I had no interest in this whatsoever.

3. I did not understand the point in what I was listening to and how this was entertaining in anyway.

At this point I decided to just turn it off and go back to it later in the day. So that’s what I did. When I went back to DS106 radio they were discussing the matter of where our stuff is safe online. Such as our own websites etc. They mention that somewhere like WordPress is actually a place that is probably safer than owning your own web domain. What I like about it also is that they share their own opinions as well as also asking those of the audience by getting listeners to interact with them. They mention that your things online are much likely to get noticed if you’re uploading to social medias such as Instagram, as users on sites like these are always looking on feeds. But if you were to upload a photo a day to a new blog, you are not likely to get any views for a while, or just very few. This is a really interesting point, that grabbed my attention. This subject has got me much more interested than my first experience. This is because this related to what I actually do. I have many social media accounts such as Twitter and Instagram, and I also have a WordPress blog… obviously. And the things I upload get noticed far more on sites like Instagram where I get multiple ‘likes’ on my posts. Otherwise, on WordPress, I barely get any views at all, only the odd few.

What I also enjoyed more about this part of the show is the way they use two presenters discussing different matters, so with multiple opinions being thrown around which makes the show far more interesting to listen to. Whilst I was listening, I looked up how many listeners the show currently had, and it said 1, which I’m guessing was me. This came as a surprise, I wondered why there weren’t anymore people listening to the show, but maybe it just isn’t as popular as I had assumed.


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