Unit 1 Summary! First Part of Bootcamp Complete.

The first part of Unit 1 consists of thinking about ‘What Is Art?’, a very broad subject with many aspects to discuss! I really enjoyed this part of the unit as it really opened up my mind to different ideas. To read my blog about what is art, please have a read and click here.

My First Daily Create

For my first daily create, I chose the first one I saw on the ds106 Twitter feed to take on the challenge of the most recent task. You can read about how my Daily Create went and the results I got here.

Here are the links to my other social networking pages and my About page:





I sent a tweet out to ds106 to introduce myself to the course and I am now waiting on my response!

Reflection of Unit 1

Having now completed Unit 1 of ds106 I now have a much greater understanding of the course and how it is going to benefit me. What I found hard and challenging about this Unit was being given such a broad subject of ‘What Is Art?’. There are so many opinions on what art is that it is hard to narrow this down to one definition, but after listening to the videos and what others had to say about it, I developed an understanding that has allowed me to accept a number of different definitions for it which has extended my point of view on it. I learnt that once I really listen and put my mind to something, I can gain a good understanding of it and improve within these skills. I am excited to carry on with the course and continue to develop my skills, and to carry on challenging myself with the daily creates as well. Something I slightly dread about continuing the course is having to make sure that within every unit I must complete every single part of the summary which I can see will become quite a challenge to complete, but I think I am ready to take this on.


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