“Say it Like the Peanut Butter”

Digital Storytelling Gif.

DS106 influenced us to create a GIF during Unit 2, of one of our favourite films or least favourite and to go and find out ourselves how to make one, which made it more challenging. I like how ds106 likes to push the people on the course to try and learn things themselves, rather than handing out all the information so that we don’t have to think for ourselves. The Shining isn’t necessarily my favourite film, but it has a very iconic scene where Jack Nicholson says ‘Here’s Johnny!’ which made me think straight away that it would be perfect for my first GIF! Firstly, I took screenshots of the scene so capture the main mouth movements, then cropped these in Photoshop followed by uploading them to a GIF Maker online, which put my GIF together then let me edit the settings. I chose to set the animation to 350 milliseconds so that the GIF isn’t too quick to not understand, but not too slow either. This was not too hard for myself to create, but it was something I haven’t done before which made it an enjoyable experience!



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