My First Daily Create!

DS106 Daily Create! Daily Create number 1:

On the DS106 Dailey Create Twitter feed, a daily create challenge was posted to create your day in icons, so this is what I did! I looked at the example they posted with this, and straight away I had a very clear idea on what to do and took my own interpretation on it. Of course putting icons together on a page isn’t too challenging but for a small daily challenge this was fun to make! Here is mine.


I enjoyed creating my day in icons, as it allowed me to remember through my day and pick icons that I believed best described my actions throughout the day, which turned out very productive! From getting myself together in the morning, to getting work done, and going back to bed! I love the idea of daily create as it gets you busy and gives you a small challenge that allows you to get a bit creative but not have too much on your plate that you can’t handle.


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