Describing Something I Love. Ds106 Daily Create.

‘Describe something you love’.

Doing this activity makes me happy, I can flow to the music and do anything I like. The patterns are beautiful, with lights or without, making amazing swirls and movements in the air creating an exciting performance. Body movement is a huge part of it, it is all about where you place your feet, and letting your wrists loose to really gain the right effect. There are so many skills to learn, but the main thing is to have fun with it, and make it into something beautiful for people to enjoy. This is what I love to do, and I will always continue doing it as I go through life. What I love, is Poi.

For this daily create, it was nice not to be given a task of photographing or videoing, it was nice to just describe something that I love. It is nice being given a task like that, where you can really reflect on something that makes you happy! As I went to begin this daily create, the first thing I saw on my desk next to me, was my set of poi, and it was the perfect thing to describe! It is interesting and also fun, and something I love to do.

Here is a video to give an idea about poi.


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