A few Daily Creates during Unit 3!

Daily Creates

1. My first daily create within Unit 3 was a task set to photograph every colour of the rainbow by looking for objects around one room. So I stayed within my own living room and managed to get every colour! This was quite a fun challenge where I tried to capture different objects, with a nice bright colour. I think put them together in a small collage to present the colours I found.


2. On the 25th December, a Daily Create was assigned specifically for Christmas Day. This was to share a photograph that made this day unique. To me, Christmas Day is all about the bringing together of family, and enjoying that. In this day and age, it is slightly rare now to find ourselves spending quality family time together, which is a huge shame. It is not often when I am at home that my family make the effort to make an amazing meal and all gather around the table to spend it with each other. The effort to do this just isn’t really made anymore, so for me, what makes this day unique, is the part where we all sit together for dinner and just simply enjoy each other’s company.



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